Friday, February 17, 2012


VegaFarmista is about my journey past, present, and future. The journey of  veganism and how veganism is the spark that changed and continues to transform my life. 

The journey of transforming our 19 acre property into a Sanctuary. A Sanctuary for rescued farmed animals to find rehabilitation, compassion, life and love from humans. Also, a Sanctuary for people. A place where people can experience the sentience of animals, be in nature, learn about sustainability, and eat natural vegan food.

The journey of becoming a self-sufficient farmer and caretaker for farmed animals. There is bound to be many humorous stories as I take on this new way of life. However, I am up for the task!

I am excited to be chronicling and sharing this journey with you. Most of all, I am excited to be taking this giant leap off the cliff in faith! Saying "Yes" to my hearts desire, along with my husband, and to be working with animals and helping others connect with them. This is where I feel most connected and most alive. They are the mirror of our goodness, our innocence, our unconditioned love. They are our way home.

Up next: Turning Vegan.


  1. A start on an amazing journey! What a fantastic way to make an impact and help those who can't help themselves.

    1. Andrew,Thank you! I am definitely excited!!